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The local and state grants listed below are a good match for many of our Hometown Pride projects!

Scroll down for the highlights, or click here for the full list: Grant Options for Warren County Community Groups and Cities_Updated Jan 2021

New to grant writing? Check out these resources:

Updated 2-17-23

Warren County Philanthropic Partnership

  • Purpose:   For projects in Warren County – a wide variety of project types are eligible. Great option for our Hometown Pride groups since they only fund work in Warren County!
  • Amount:   $5,000 grants, and a $25,000 “high impact” grant.
  • Apply:   Due March 3, 2023.  Grant applications are posted here: Apply for a Grant – Warren County Philanthropic Partnership

Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grant

  • Purpose:   4 categories of projects are eligible: Arts & Culture, Economic Development, Education, Health & Human Services
  • Amount:   $100-$99,000.
  • Apply:   Due in late February 24 2023 applications will be posted here:

Paint Iowa Beautiful

Iowa Foundation for Parks & Recreation Mini-Grant

  • Purpose: Provide funding for leisure facilities, activities, events, or programs to promote and improve leisure opportunities and amenities for citizens in small Iowa communities.
  • Amount: Up to $1,000. Requires 50% match (match may include cash, donated items or donated labor).
  • Apply: Due January 29, 2023. Apply here:

Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT) grant

  • Purpose:   Assist projects that provide recreational, cultural, entertainment and educational attractions, as well as sports tourism. (project must be available to the general public to use)
  • Amount:   $ amount varies. Requires 65% of project funds to be raised in order to be eligible.
  • Apply:  Applications accepted quarterly. Program overview here:  

Build with Bags

  • Purpose:   Fund the purchase of items for parks or schools that are made from recycled shopping bags.
  • Amount:   Up to $2,000
  • Apply:   Typically due March 30th. Application guidelines at

Wellmark MATCH grants

  • Purpose:   For projects in Iowa that “Promote safe and healthy environments and encourage activity” and increase access to healthy foods
  • Amount:   Small grants up to $25,000 with 50% match. Large grants up to $100,000 with 100% match.
  • Apply:   MATCH grants can be applied for upon request. Applications will be notified by May 2023 of approval.
    Grant Application Request page:

Community Gardens Mini-Grants

  • Purpose:   Fund community gardens in Polk, Warren or Dallas County
  • Amount:   $500-$1,500
  • Apply:  2023 grant cycle completed.

Carlisle Community Foundation

Trees for Kids

Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP)

  • Purpose:   Protect and Enhance Natural and Cultural Resources. Includes funding for city parks and open space, roadside vegetation, historic preservation and other categories.
  • Amount:   Varies. Max $50,000 or more depending on population.
  • Apply:  City Parks and Open Space grants due August 15. Roadside Vegetation due June 1. Historic Preservation May 15. Visit website for other due dates.

Art Project Grant (Iowa Arts Council)

  • Purpose: Creation and presentation of an original work of art, arts experience or arts learning opportunity. Must demonstrate public value to Iowans through broad-based community engagement.
  • Amount:  $1,000-$10,000. 1:1 Match required.
  • Apply:  Due May 1. More information:

Arts Build Communities



State and Federal money is available for trail construction through the Iowa DOT. Information below:

Other possible trail funding options include: Warren County Philanthropic Partnership Trails grant (see WCPP info at top of page), REAP grants (for trails inside municipal boundaries, see REAP info above), Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grants (see above), City or County Governments, and local fundraising.

For more about building a trail, check out this quick guide: How to Get a Trail Built in Iowa – A Basic Overview

Additional Grant Resources

For more ideas, check out:

  1. Grant Options for Warren County Community Groups and Cities_Updated Jan 2021: Handout from our January 2020 Grant workshop.
  2. Grant Basics: Handout from our January 2020 Grant workshop.
  3. 15 Grant Writing Tips (from our friends at WCEDC)


Don’t forget the power of local fundraising! Iowans give $7 billion to charity each year.

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