Indianola Hometown Pride

Indianola Hometown Pride

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Hometown Pride brings neighbors together to build a sense of community, create and improve public amenities, and celebrate what makes our hometowns great.

Our Current and Past Projects

  • Yard Of the Month Award
  • Indianola Organization Directory
  • Iowa Great Places Application for 2020
  • Indianola Organizational Summits
  • Community Partners Service Fair (with Simpson College)
  • Community Clean-Ups (2018 & 2019)


The Indianola Hometown Pride Committee meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 5:30.

Committee Members

Steve Armstrong (Vice Chair), Doug Bylund (Staff), Amy Duncan, Taylor Litchkey (Chair), Jennifer Pfeifer-Maloney, Clark Ridlen, Monica Thompson


april 2020 meeting minutes

IHPC November 2019 Meeting Minutes

NOTES – Iowa Great Places Advisory Committee Meeting_Oct 2019

IHPC November 2019 Meeting Minutes

IHPC 9.5.2019 Meeting

IHPC 8.1.2019 Meeting

IHPC 7.11.2019 Meeting

IHPC 6.6.2019 Meeting

IHPC 5.2.2019 Meeting

IHPC 4.4.2019 Meeting

IHPC 3.7.2019 Meeting

Minutes_Indianola Hometown Pride 1.10.2019

Minutes_Indianola Hometown Pride 2.7.2019

IHPC 12.6.2018 Meeting

Indianola minutes 11_1_18

IHPC 10.4.2018 Meeting

IHPC 9.6.2018 Meeting Minutes

IHPC 8.9.2018 Meeting Minutes

IHPC 7.12.2018 Meeting Minutes

Indianola HP Minutes 6.7.2018 Meeting

Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes 5.3.2018 Meeting

Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes 2018.04.05

Minutes Indianola HP Committee 3_22_18

Minutes Indianola Kickoff Meeting Feb 8_2018


Yard of the Month Criteria, Indianola Hometown Pride_ approved April 4_2019


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