Indianola Hometown Pride

Indianola Hometown Pride

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Hometown Pride brings neighbors together to build a sense of community, create and improve public amenities, and celebrate what makes our hometowns great.

Our Current Projects

  • “Wonder on Buxton” – A 2.5 block path of art, amenities and gathering spaces that tell the story of Indianola’s culture and history. Currently in the fundraising and design stage.
  • Celebrate Warren County Parade (July 30, 2022 – sign up here:
  • Yard Of the Month Awards
  • Park Wayfinding & Walkability Signs (received grant to install signs that help people discover new parks and places to walk to)
  • Warren County tourism promotion (@warrencountytourism on FB and Instagram)
  • Managing Indianola’s “Iowa Great Places” designation
  • Annually: “Light Up Indianola” – coordination of decorating “holiday lanes” in our neighborhoods

Past Projects

  • Applied for and awarded Iowa Great Places Designation for Indianola
  • “Warren County Strong” Banner Project on the Indianola Square
  • Indianola Organization Directory
  • Indianola Organizational Summits
  • Community Partners Service Fair (with Simpson College)
  • Community Clean-Ups (2018-2021)
  • Indianola Vision Plan (2020)


The Indianola Hometown Pride Committee meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30.

Committee Members

Our current members are Amy Duncan, Heidi Levine (Secretary), Jessica Schneider (Vice Chair), Michelle Holland-Sheraden (Treasurer), Mindy Blanchard, Andrea Carlson, Tammie Lukins, Scott Duncan, Mellisa Sones (Chair), Heather Sinclair, Paige Wardell


May 2021 Indianola HP Minutes

Minutes IHP March 2021

Minutes IHP February 4, 2021

January 2021 Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes

December 2020 Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes

November 2020 Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes

October 2020 Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes – Copy

September 2020 Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes

August 2020 Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes

July 2020 Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes

June 2020 Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes

april 2020 meeting minutes

IHPC November 2019 Meeting Minutes

NOTES – Iowa Great Places Advisory Committee Meeting_Oct 2019

IHPC November 2019 Meeting Minutes

IHPC 9.5.2019 Meeting

IHPC 8.1.2019 Meeting

IHPC 7.11.2019 Meeting

IHPC 6.6.2019 Meeting

IHPC 5.2.2019 Meeting

IHPC 4.4.2019 Meeting

IHPC 3.7.2019 Meeting

Minutes_Indianola Hometown Pride 1.10.2019

Minutes_Indianola Hometown Pride 2.7.2019

IHPC 12.6.2018 Meeting

Indianola minutes 11_1_18

IHPC 10.4.2018 Meeting

IHPC 9.6.2018 Meeting Minutes

IHPC 8.9.2018 Meeting Minutes

IHPC 7.12.2018 Meeting Minutes

Indianola HP Minutes 6.7.2018 Meeting

Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes 5.3.2018 Meeting

Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes 2018.04.05

Minutes Indianola HP Committee 3_22_18

Minutes Indianola Kickoff Meeting Feb 8_2018

Yard of the Month Criteria, Indianola Hometown Pride_ approved April 4_2019

Iowa Great Places Vision Plan 2020_Approved June 2020

Indianola Cultural Walk – Revised description

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