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Indianola Hometown Pride is a Keep Iowa Beautiful program set in motion through a Committee organized by Indianola’s City Council. Each committee member is a resident of our town who submitted an application and was vetted and appointed by City Council.


Indianola Hometown Pride’s purpose is to mobilize residents whose vision is to enhance our community, foster pride, and encourage growth. In the short-term, that purpose has materialized into:

1) ORGANIZATION OF ORGANIZATIONS. We are working on gathering information on what we estimate to be HUNDREDS of local organizations doing so much good for this community. We hope to create a hub for residents to contact said organizations and discover how to get involved in ways that fit them best. To that end, we need your help by filling out the following form for any organizations of which you are aware. We need this information so that as many organizations as possible can take part in a community organization fair we would like to plan within the next year (tabling, music, food, etc.!).

2) COMMUNITY CHEST. We are working on plans to build and consistently and repeatedly supply an Indianola “community chest.” The community chest will be a location where residents of all ages will be able to find seasonal joys and items to assist with the beautification of our town (seeds in the spring, bags for leaves in the fall, etc.). A huge part of this (and the organization fair) is FUNDRAISING! Please look at our Page for our t-shirt fundraiser, and watch the Page in the following days for updates.

3) DOWNTOWN. Indianola is scheduled to participate in a “downtown assessment” in September led by the Chamber of Commerce. City Council expects our Committee to help with the actual assessment, provide input to the consultants, and assist in implementing any suggestions from the assessment with the goal of improving our town. We hope you will like our Facebook Page so that we can provide you with updates and ask for your input with this process.


The Indianola Hometown Pride Committee meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 5:30.

Committee Members

Doug Bylund (Staff), Shirley Clark, Lisa Harms, Jill Johnson, Emmett Konrad (Chair), Angela Nelson (Vice Chair), Terry Pauling, Jennifer Pfeifer-Maloney, Tara Rehmeier, Stacy Strong, Monica Vail, Brianna Vaughn, Becky Wigeland


IHPC 12.6.2018 Meeting

Indianola minutes 11_1_18

IHPC 10.4.2018 Meeting

IHPC 9.6.2018 Meeting Minutes

IHPC 8.9.2018 Meeting Minutes

IHPC 7.12.2018 Meeting Minutes

Indianola HP Minutes 6.7.2018 Meeting

Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes 5.3.2018 Meeting

Indianola Hometown Pride Minutes 2018.04.05

Minutes Indianola HP Committee 3_22_18

Minutes Indianola Kickoff Meeting Feb 8_2018


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