Volunteer with Hometown Pride in 2019!

Make a New Years Resolution to volunteer with Hometown Pride in 2019! Sign up here.

We have committees working in 7 towns – Carlisle, Cumming, Hartford, Indianola, Milo, New Virginia, and Norwalk – and they all depend on residents like you volunteering your time and talents. Here are some of the things that volunteers did for Hometown Pride this year:

  • Cleaned up parks and streets
  • Built a mobile stage for a 4th of July parade
  • Planned a block party
  • Dressed up as Charlie Brown
  • Designed logos and posters
  • Baked cookies 🙂
  • Wrote grants
  • Drove through town looking for the best Christmas lights (and giving them an award!)
  • Planned a music festival
  • Hosted a “front porch” party for their neighbors
  • Wrote news releases
  • Hung up flyers
  • Designed and wrote a community directory
  • Visited another town to get ideas to bring back to their community
  • Took photos
  • Designed new entrance signs
  • Planned an outdoor concert
  • Watered trees
  • Shared Hometown Pride news on social media
  • Managed the committee bank account
  • Designed a veteran’s memorial
  • Installed a playground swing
  • Rode through town in a convertible, handing out festival tickets
  • Presented to city council
  • Created a new city motto
  • Picked out community Christmas decorations
  • Served food
  • Pulled weeds

Contact us, or any existing Hometown Pride volunteer, to find out more about how to volunteer.

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