9 Tips for Hometown Pride Facebook Pages

Our Hometown Pride committees are engaging their communities through social media! Here are a few things we’ve learned about getting people’s attention on our posts. What tips would you add to this list?

1. Pictures, pictures, pictures. A single, engaging picture is one of the best ways to engage people. Close-up photos of people (like this one!) definitely get attention. Take pictures of your committee in action, or pictures of a project you’re working on.


2. Hit on the Hot Topics! Find a way to connect the news of the day to your cause and community.


3. Be brief. Use as few words as possible to get your points across. Posts that include just a short phrase or sentence usually perform better than longer posts.

4. Be enthusiastic! Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm. Sharing that you are “so excited to introduce our newest volunteers!” will get more attention than “we have 3 new committee members.”

5. Ask people to participate. Ask thought-provoking and fun questions or take polls. And don’t be shy about asking people to like and share your page!


6. Post often and schedule in advance. Many experts recommend posting on Facebook at least once a day, but for volunteer-run pages like ours, once or twice a week is a more reasonable goal. Because of the way Facebook works, the more often people engage with your page, the more likely they are to see your next post. Try planning your posts out and scheduling them in advance so you only have to think about it a few times a month!


7. Use Events. If you have an event coming up, try creating a Facebook event. You can post updates directly in the event (under “discussion”), and everyone who has clicked “yes” or “interested” will be notified.


8. “Tag” other organizations, individuals and local businesses. When you tag an organization or individual, everyone who follows that organization may also see your post. (To tag someone, type @ and then start typing their name, and their name should automatically pop-up as an option to select and tag)

9. Coordinate multiple admins. If you have multiple administrators, make sure you are all on the same wavelength as far as what you are posting and when. One way to do this is to schedule posts in advance (see Tip #6), so the other admins can see they are coming and plan their posts around it.

BONUS TIP #10: Do something great! You can use all the tricks you want, but ultimately the most important “trick” is to do good work that people love. By far our most popular post so far was an offer to help out our neighbors. That’s what it’s all about!


– Tips compiled by Warren County Hometown Pride Coach, Lorin Ditzler and Carlisle Hometown Pride Treasurer (and Facebook admin), Emily Nordyke.

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