Indianola kicks off Hometown Pride

A group of volunteers and other supporters met to talk about Indianola Hometown Pride and what they would like to see for the future of Indianola! Below are the highlights of their discussion. If you would like to get involved in Indianola Hometown Pride, please contact us to learn how. (Deadline to apply to the committee is February 9).

Discussion Notes from February 8

What we like about Indianola:

  • Great place to raise a family
  • Lots of opportunities
    • Events, college, opera, lake, etc.
  • “We do summer really well” – lots of summer activities
  • Indianola is pretty big, but still has a small town feel
  • Sense of community
  • We have a city center, the square
  • Very caring community


Opportunities for change in Indianola / Things we would like to do:

  • A better way to get the word out about events. Need a central hub
  • Letting people know they are in Indianola, and directing them to what’s here
    • Welcome signs and special attraction signs
  • Telling people about the many opportunities to get involved.
    • A community organization fair?
  • Improve home/yard appearance. Some yards have furniture, etc. in them.
    • Offer assistance to those who are unable to fix up their yard/house
    • Do a clean-up day
    • Yard of the month?
  • Refresh rundown buildings on 65 & 92. High visibility.
  • Offer more incentives for businesses to fix up their buildings
  • Maintenance of downtown parking areas
  • Add bike racks
  • Add public art
  • Get a wider variety of people involved in community life – will help offer fresh perspectives
  • Keep investing in the square
    • What happens to the courthouse?
    • Focus on retail options in the square
  • Support local businesses
  • Let Des Moines know that we are closer than you think
  • We can draw people from around the County
    • Can we survey what those people want?
  • More restaurant variety (beyond pizza or Mexican)
  • Public transportation options
  • Hometown Pride should involve service clubs in our work

Read the full meeting minutes here.

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