Norwalk holds first Hometown Pride meeting

A group of 15 volunteers attended the first meeting of Norwalk Hometown Pride on January 8, to discuss the goals of the program and brainstorm ideas for community projects. The group discussed what they like about their community and what they would like to change. See the notes below for an overview of the group’s ideas.

Norwalk kick-off meeting notes

About a dozen of the meeting attendees signed on to be part of the Norwalk Hometown Pride committee, which will meet monthly to decide which projects to pursue, and how to get them done!

If you would like to be part of the Norwalk Hometown Pride committee, or would like to volunteer for Hometown Pride projects on an as-needed basis, contact us. And/or review our Volunteer Interest Survey to see the volunteer opportunities available.

Meeting notes (text version of above photo):

What we like about Norwalk:

  • Welcoming people
  • Business loyalty (residents are loyal to Norwalk businesses)
  • New welcome signs
  • Golf courses
  • Great school
  • Clean
  • Close to Des Moines/Downtown/Airport
  • Lots of amazing local businesses
  • Safe community
  • Good balance of old and new
  • Great EMS
  • Great Senior Care facilities
  • Nice, cared for homes

What could we improve or change in Norwalk?

  • Improve Hwy 28 median (aesthetics)
  • More activities for adults: like a pickle ball court
  • Improvements to Main Street/North Avenue
  • Add better connection to bike trail
  • Senior center activities
  • Public art
  • Publicize farmers market more
  • Add trees, especially by cemetery
  • Little free libraries
  • Add light poles or other improvements on Sunset Blvd
  • New Welcome sign
  • Slow traffic on Sunset off Hwy 5
  • Expand aquatic center and/or add a YMCA
  • Work with city on creation of new downtown/town-center



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