Help Shape the Future of Norwalk!

Do you care about Norwalk and want to help make sure it keeps getting even better? Our community is changing quickly, and the new Norwalk Hometown Pride program wants to bring our residents together to figure out what we can do to improve our town and boost community pride!

We’re forming a team of people who live in Norwalk and the surrounding area who will help decide what’s next for Norwalk, and then help make it happen.

Our first meeting will be on January 8 at 5:30 pm at the Norwalk Library (1051 North Ave). All individuals who want to learn more about the program, and/or want to volunteer, are welcome to attend.

What will our group do exactly? Hometown Pride teams in other towns have undertaken projects as diverse as installing a new playground, rehabilitating old homes and buildings, beautifying the streets with public art, and landscaping streets and public places. Once formed, the Norwalk Hometown Pride team will determine our specific goals – there is no limit to what we can accomplish when we come together!

There are two ways to be part of Norwalk Hometown Pride:

  1. Join the committee. We will meet once a month to set our goals and mobilize volunteers to implement them.
  2. Sign up for our volunteer roster to help as-needed. Volunteer needs may include painting, fundraising, landscaping, event planning, publicity and more.

Please contact us to volunteer or to learn more.

Norwalk Hometown Pride is a part of a county-wide initiative, Warren County Hometown Pride, that includes 7 communities. It is supported by the City of Norwalk. Hometown Pride is a also a state-wide program: read “What is Hometown Pride” to learn about the Hometown Pride program across Iowa.


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